The Animals All Are Gathering
AWP Donald Hall Prize in Poetry
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010

“In this original and wonderfully energetic book, Bradley Paul moves from humor to mockery to play to anger to grief, and sometimes all at once. This poetry shifts, it slams, it hammers, it thinks; it corrodes our sorrow and foolishness; it captures our national haplessness, sad and firing and still."

— Jean Valentine

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The Obvious
New Issues Poetry Prize
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2004

“"The ocean opens ‘as though it were a bees’ hive full of wrens,’ and table salt ‘lopes like ink from a copper well.’ With a sublime palette that ranges from zen simplicity to elegant diction, Bradley Paul reveals the internal life of things. How refreshing to behold the beauty of The Obvious. For, as Wilde reminds us, ‘the real mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.' "

— D.A. Powell

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